5 Horror Novels by Edgar Allan Poe

5 Horror Novels by Edgar Allan Poe

5 Horror Novels by Edgar Allan Poe – For those of you who like horror films or scary stories, you will definitely look for other horror stories that are more interesting and more tense. As follows, you can listen and even read the best horror novels by Edgar Allan

The Yellow Wall-Paper
The Yellow Wall-Paper is a short story first published in 1892. The narrator is a woman who lives in an old rented mansion for the summer with her husband. The goal is to speed up his wife’s recovery from a mental illness diagnosed as depression.

With all the rules and restrictions imposed by the husband while at home, his wife’s condition continued to deteriorate. You could say, this novela is a psychological-horror genre that keeps the reader challenged to guess which ones are real and which are just hallucinations of the narrator.

The Lottery

Like The Haunting of Hill House and We Have Always Lived in the Castle, another book by Shirley Jackson that you should try is The Lottery. This short novel is set in a small town in the United States which has a ritual of drawing the lottery at the end of June. To determine what the lottery is? Only at the end of the story do you know the answer.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Neil Gaiman is known as a successful surrealist writer in this contemporary era. However, if you are looking for his work in the horror genre, The Ocean at the End of the Lane is the answer.

The play is a middle-aged man who returns to his hometown to attend a funeral. There were no possessions, family, or friends left there, except for a farm on the corner which reminded him of the bitter events he witnessed decades ago.

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Through the Woods

This graphic novel by Emily Carroll consists of five horror stories set in a forest. It’s quite varied, you can challenge your guts by reading stories about the ghost of a bride in an old house until you discover dark secrets about the people closest to you.
Complete with supporting illustrations that are ready to make you imagine the horrors of each story.

Song For The Unraveling of the World

Won several prestigious awards throughout 2019, short novels by Brian Evenson are ready to make your hair stand on end through some of his short stories. Starting from a girl who was born without a face, the dedication of a father who ends tragically, a magician who fails to do his tricks, to a man who investigates the death of his best friend.…

Best Indian Novel Recommendations

Best Indian Novel Recommendations

Best Indian Novel Recommendations – For fans of novels, they definitely have the desire to continue reading novels that are trending or the latest releases that can inspire themselves. Indian fans will definitely buy and read novels about India. The following are recommendations for the best Indian novels

1. Unaccustomed Earth
Unaccustomed Earth is a collection of short stories by Indian writer Jhumpa Lahiri. The themes revolve around identity, feminism, cultural diversity, traditions, and family saga. Many end sadly, but the content is insightful.

This book was shown on Netflix’s best-selling series, Sex Education, and was seen reading by one of its characters, Maeve Wiley.

2. The White Tiger
The title is familiar because the film adaptation is nominated for an Oscar in 2021. The White Tiger takes the perspective of Balram, a young man from the village who becomes the chauffeur for a wealthy businessman. Getting bad treatment from his employer, he is determined to take revenge by building a taxi business.

This book addresses issues closely related to India, such as corruption, caste division, and economic inequality.

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3. The God of Small Things
Set in the 1960s, when the values ​​of communism began to enter the Indian political scene, lived a family consisting of two twins named Esthappen and Rahel, their mother, grandmother, and activist uncle. The comfortable life of this family turns complex, when their distant relatives of different beliefs come.

This novel touches on several issues that go hand in hand with the background of political movements, such as domestic violence, discrimination based on religion and caste, to the hierarchy in the family.

4. Midnight’s Children
Midnight’s Children is a surreal classic novel written by Salman Rushdie. Saleem is the protagonist of this novel, a boy born on the eve of India’s independence. He became one of 1,001 children born at the same time and all of them were endowed with certain advantages.

Saleem gains a sensitive sense of smell and his adventure begins in a vibrant Indian setting. The novel moves slowly, especially at the beginning.…

Best American Novel Recommendations

Best American Novel Recommendations

Best American Novel Recommendations – America is one of the countries with a very prominent advantage. One of the works that is quite famous there is a novel that tells about the country itself. The following is a recommendation of the best novels about America that you must have

Catcher in the Rye

Cather in the Rye is a beautiful novel about America. It has explored the story of a young boy who hails from Manhattan. The plot of this book is very interesting. It’s all about Holden Caulfield roaming New York, who asks taxi drivers a few questions. The author, no doubt, has done a great job here.

On the Road

It has become a novel that has inspired thousands of people in a short period of time. It has also covered the breadth of America from San Francisco to New York. The amazing fact about this novel is that the author finished it in just three weeks. It has been divided into five episodic parts.

Huckleberry Finn

Huckleberry Finn is a simple but interesting novel about a friendship with a boy and his friends who have crossed the boundaries of age and race. This novel is one of the best selling novels. It has showcased the human lifestyle. The book was published in 1885, but talks about the Chronicles of Huck and Jim traveling from the Mississippi River in detail.

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An American Tragedy

An American Tragedy is a beautiful novel. According to the story, Clyde Griffiths had escaped the restrictions of his life. This book is based on a real-life murder case. It was written in very impressive words. Have you read this novel?

To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird is another excellent novel. This classic book was published in 1960. It is the story of Atticus Finch, a white lawyer who works to defend a black man on a rape charge. This novel has sold millions of times. The novel has worked around two different classes of Americans, one being a city-dweller like Maycomb and the other being a black community.

Winesburg, Ohio

This is a study of small town life. It has become a beautiful novel. The author wrote this novel very gracefully. This is the story of George Willard growing up with his entire collection. This novel is about a fictional city. This book was published in 1919.…

Romantic Novels from Korea

Romantic Novels from Korea

Romantic Novels from Korea – For people who really like reading novels, surely there are many novel books and stories he has ever read. But not many people know about novels from Korea. The following are the recommendations of romantic novels from Korea that you must read

Single Ville (Choi Yun Kyo)

There is a cottage containing six houses that are all filled with girls and single guys. There are regulations that prohibit each member to fall in love because they have to live alone.

The sixth conflict of figures in this novel is interesting to follow. For example, IM SO Yeong is cheerful and likes to visit neighbors, a writer named Choi Yun Seong.

There is also Go Seong Min, a former detective who is still obsessed with finding a murder suspect. Then, there is Geon Woo who suspects who is actually Seo Yeong. And Lee Jeong Hyeok who secretly hid his girlfriend in the house.

And a myriad of other problems. Oh yes, reading this novel feels like watching the Korean variety show, Girls.

Letterbox 110 (Lee Do Woo)

This novel invites us to follow the life behind a radio program with the Gong Jinsol and Lee Geon pair.

JINSOL, the writer of a radio show scenario must cooperate with his new boss Lee Geon. Because both work as writers, they also like fighting, deh.

Moreover, Geon likes to go to JinSol, so this girl becomes bete. But, how long this feeling is changing so like it, huh? Haha.

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Perfect Match (Park Mi Youn)

Matchmaking is indeed one of the themes that never stale to be appointed as drama stories or novels. This is the main premise of Perfect Match.

Jung Eun Su who believes in love is betrothed to Kim Hyuk Jun, a guy who is not at all believes in love. This match is expected to help the state of the company that is crisis.

Despite having a very contrary, they began to learn about love. Hmm … really like a story in the drama, he.

My Boyfriend’s Wedding Dress (Kim Eun Jeong)

A wedding dress can turn out to make the atmosphere complicated. Because the designer sent a wedding dress to the wrong address, Se Kyeong so he had to face many problems before his wedding.

When he was weighing his decision to marry Hyo In, his first love to dump him, Kang Hoo, instead chased him again.

In addition, there is also Hae Yoon, a lawyer who is far from New York who deliberately comes to Korea in order to ask for accountability to Kyeong for his wrong wedding dress sent. Duh, really complicated, yes.…

10 Youth Novels by the Nation’s Children That Can Inspire


10 Youth Novels by the Nation’s Children That Can Inspire – Although the existence of hard copy novels is now slowly being abandoned and switching to e-book versions, novels are still loved by many people who like to imagine. Diving into a novel and immersed in the characters and plots that are read, sometimes becomes a unique interest for someone. You also?

Not only about romance, these 10 teen novels are really worth reading, millennials to keep the spirit of reaching their dreams and goals. The choice of slick diction and light but still weighty stories are the main attractions for these 10 novels. Here’s the list.

1. Notasi, karya Morra Quatro

With the background of the conflict between the community and the government that occurred in 1998, this teen novel is suitable for you to read in your spare time. Not only about how much Nalia admires the figure of Nino, a young man majoring in electrical engineering who is extraordinarily intelligent and full of ambition.

This novel tells of a number of young people who were not afraid to fight for their campus radio at that time to be able to broadcast. Reportedly, Morra Quatro was indeed inspired by the true story of the formation of Swaragama FM radio. You will feel the strong spirit of youth and the conflicts that accompany it in the New Order era. Anyway, a must read!

2. Call Me Miss J, karya Orizuka

This light novel with everyday dialogue is worth reading and can inspire you, you know. Tells about Lea who is plagued with problems typical of teenage girls in general; acne and self-confidence. He always felt inferior because of stubborn pimples on his face.

One day he meets Raya, a quiet boy at his school, which makes him slowly realize that beauty is not only about face or appearance. But from the heart and attitude of a person. This then made Lea rise and advance as a strong candidate for student council president. Millennials must read!

3. Tomodachi, karya Winna Efendi

Tomodachi is thick with the sense of friendship that exists between the characters. There is one quote that really stands out, for example like this:

“Watashitachiha tomodachidakara. Tomodachi wa otagai ni tasukeau–Because we are friends, and friends help each other.”

Tomomi and Tomoki, two teenagers who love running. Both of them are racing towards the finish line. Whatever they face, does not make them forget their goals and ideals from the start. Anyway, this novel set in the country of cherry blossoms is a must read!

4. The Chronicles of Audy, karya Orizuka

This novel series consisting of 4 parts is still fun for you to read until the end. The reason is, this teen novel tells the story of a complicated conflict of a girl named Audy Nagisa, who never graduated because she was facing her thesis. Audy then meets the 4R family (Regan, Romeo, Rex and Rafael), and lives with them for a reason.

For those of you who are still struggling with thesis like Audy, this novel is really suitable for you to read. Besides being able to entertain you, of course this novel can also inspire you to keep your spirits up in facing your thesis. Thesis = scriptsweet, deh. Keep the spirit Okay.

5. Apa Pun Selain Hujan, karya Orizuka

Still from the author Orizuka, who is indeed talented in producing youth genre novels. “Anything but Rain” takes the theme of friendship that exists between young taekwondo martial artists. Wira, the name of the main male character in this novel is traumatized by the rain because of something that happened in his past.

Since meeting Kayla in his new life, Wira begins to learn to make peace with himself. He also began to think about achieving his dreams that had been buried together with the mistakes he had made in the past. You also shouldn’t give up in achieving your goals, right, the figure of Wira really deserves to inspire you.

6. One Little Thing Called Hope, karya Winna Efendi

If this novel tells the story of a teenage girl named Flo, who made a mistake with her boyfriend, Genta. However, when they are required to face reality, Flo chooses a path that might sacrifice all his dreams and ideals. Just because he feels, this is indeed his responsibility.

Meanwhile, there is the figure of Aeryn who has just lost her mother. He became a more moody and introverted person. But when she finally sees Flo’s passion and courage, her half-sister Aeryn begins to learn to open up. This novel is full of moral messages, so it’s not only about romance, really.

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7. Someday, karya Winna Efendi

“Someday” tells the story of Chris, a young girl who loves swimming. He has ambitions to be the fastest at the Olympics. However, a young man named Art, made Chris drown in all his charms.

Because of Art, Chris actually forgot his dreams. Swimming, which became a precious memory left by his late mother, and became a part of him, slowly began to be left behind by Chris. Something about Art then made Chris realize that the man was not worthy of replacing all of his ideals.

This novel with a school setting is suitable to inspire young teenagers, so they don’t make the wrong choice between love and dreams that have been hidden for so long. Happy reading the story!

8. Wajah Baru Nikolas, karya Regina Feby & Elcy Anastasia

This fantasy-spiced novel (or maybe not) is worth reading. The story centers on an arrogant boy named Nikolas who turns into an orangutan.

When he became an orangutan, Nikolas slowly realized that not everyone around him did not love him. It’s just that Nikolas doesn’t want to pay attention to it and chooses to shut himself off. He also meets Asti, his first love, which makes him start to open up.

9. Seri High School Paradise, karya Orizuka

If you are a football lover at school, you should read this teen novel. Teenage boys are also okay, reading novels. Especially novels that can inspire you like the High School Paradise series by Orizuka.

This novel tells the story of a group of young people who struggle to establish a futsal club at their school. Facing ‘Godzilla’, the vice principal, did not make Lando, Rama, Sid and Cokie feel afraid. Together they fell and struggled to get their favorite club back on its feet.

10. Fairish, karya Esti Kinasih

Fairish, the title of this novel is the name of the main female character in it. Fairish is a model student and petite in her school. One day, a stormy transfer boy from Bandung named Davi suddenly chose to sit at the table beside him.

Apparently, despite his handsome face and famous throughout the school, Fairish slowly realized that Davi had a dark past. He tried his best to get Davi to forgive himself and start looking to the future. Guaranteed, you will be enchanted by the choice of Esti Kinasih’s diction which is really good to read.

Those are 10 youth novels by the nation’s children that can inspire millennials. I hope you are still passionate about achieving your goals, okay! Don’t forget to read the novel.…

5 Interesting Novels for Adult Children

5 Interesting Novels for Adult Children

5 Interesting Novels for Adult Children – As an adult, you may tend to choose literature according to age. Even though children’s novels can be read by anyone and in fact have many moral messages that may be forgotten as you get older.

Just like The Little Prince is still relatable for adult readers, some of the following children’s novels may be included in the reading list. If you have read it, there is nothing to lose if you read it again.

1. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

This book is written by Betty Smith in a semi-biographical style. Betty created the character Francie Nolan, an 11-year-old girl who lives in Brooklyn, New York with her parents and one younger brother. They are classified as poor families and their parents’ income is uncertain.

Divided into five acts, this novel begins with the introduction of Francie’s family and memories of his childhood with his younger brother. Then go back to the past when Francie’s parents, who are Austrian and Irish immigrants, met in New York. Lastly, Francie’s adolescence.

2. Coraline

Coraline has indeed been filmed by Laika’s production house. It turns out that the original work was a novel by the famous writer Neil Gaiman. Neil is known for his work which is cross-genre, ranging from horror, thriller, sci-fi, and fantasy that he has published.

Coraline itself is classified as a horror-fantasy novel, but it is mild enough that it is safe for children to read. The story is about a little girl named Coraline who is trapped in an alternate universe after opening a secret door in her new home. Loaded with moral messages and quite short, this novela can be read in just a few hours.

3. The View From the Cherry Tree

Even though it is a bit dark, this novel is still in the category of children’s novels that contain investigations. The story is about Rob who accidentally saw terrible events from the window of his neighbor’s house. He tried to warn his family and tell the truth when the police came to the crime scene, but witnessing a murder case is not easy for an 11 year old child.

4. The Secret Garden

This classic children’s novel is still in print today. Mary Lennox, the main character is a girl who lost her parents to a cholera epidemic. He then returned to England and is now under the care of his wealthy uncle, but rarely at home.

He then found something strange at his uncle’s house. Slowly, his rough and stubborn nature began to calm down after Mary discovered the secret garden in the house. Even though it is aimed at children, adult readers can still relate to the story which is full of moral messages and awareness of mental health.

5. Cogheart

For those who enjoy serial reading, Cogheart can be tried. Set in the Victorian era, you will meet Lily and her two partners, Robert and Malkin. The conflict begins with the death of Lily’s father in a plane crash and only Malkin, his father’s mechanical fox, survives.

Malkin tried to provide the code and message from his father, but it was not easy for Lily to understand. Together with Robert, the neighbor, they must crack the code before it’s too late. The plot is pretty fast with exciting missions.…

Recommended Spooky Novels For Horror Lovers

Recommended Spooky Novels For Horror Lovers

Recommended Spooky Novels For Horror Lovers – The existence of horror novels gives its readers its own color and sensation, with horror stories written into the novels, it is hoped that it can make readers absorb the stories in the novel.

Reading horror genre novels provides its own sensation than watching movies. Readers are free to imagine about the terrors described throughout the book. It is also easier for us to imagine getting into the story. So as if we feel haunted.

Recommended Spooky Novels For Horror Lovers

Moreover, there are so many horror genre novels that are too dear to miss. Some have even been adapted into a film so scary. Like these five best western horror novels that must be read by those who claim to be horror lovers. If you are a coward, it’s better to skip.

1. The Haunting of Hill House – Shirley Jackson

The Haunting of Hill House is an old horror novel published in 1959. This novel even received an award as the best horror novel published in the 20th century. This novel was so popular that it has been adapted into two films and one series made by Netflix.

Just like the title, this novel tells of a mansion called Hill House which often occurs supernatural sightings. A psychic named Dr. John Montgue tries to investigate the mansion. There are so many creepy events that can make goosebumps in this novel. Not to mention the conflict that surrounds the people who live in Hill House.

It is absolutely imperative to read a novel by Shirley Jackson if you like a novel that contains a lot of gripping terror.

2. Beloved – Toni Morrison

First published in 1987, Beloved is predicted to be the best novel written by Toni Morrison. This novel is set in Ohio after the Civil War. In this novel tells about Sethe, a slave who managed to escape. Previously, she had lost her husband and child.

Year after year passed, Sethe could not forget the trauma that had happened to him. He still remembers the events of his past. Plus Sethe is haunted by the death of his baby. To end it all, Sethe tried to dig up what really happened.

3. Ghost Story – Peter Straub

Ghost Story novel tells about the meeting of five friends. They regularly share scary stories related to ghosts. However, one day one of them died mysteriously. Since then, they have had dreams about their respective deaths.

It turns out that there is a secret behind the events that haunt them. The five of them had made a mistake that caused a girl to die in the past. So they assumed the young girl had come to take revenge. The novel, which was published in 1979, is guaranteed to haunt you with the terror that befell the five friends.

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4. The Exorcist – William Peter Blatty

As the title suggests, this book has the theme of exorcism. This book is quite scary because it is inspired by a real incident that happened to one of the students at Georgetown University in 1950. The novel, which was published in 1971, was also repeatedly adapted into a film, namely The Exorcist trilogy.

This novel tells the story of a child of a famous artist named Regan who repeatedly experiences scary events after he is sick. Starting from seeing the appearance to being possessed. After medical treatment that had no effect, Regan’s mother went to a priest to treat her child.

To heal Regan, the priest then performs an exorcism ritual. You will be afraid of what they experience during the ritual.

5. Pet Sematary – Stephen King

Actually, all of Stephen King’s novels are highly recommended for horror lovers to read. One of his works that you must read is Pet Sematary. This novel was also just adapted into a film in 2019 yesterday but unfortunately it’s not as scary as the printed version.

Pet Sematary tells the story of an animal grave that can bring to life anyone who dies. However, those who come back to life will behave like an undead, not like an ordinary human. Of course it is very scary if we imagine being in the midst of the undead.…

Novels With a Rural Background

Novels With a Rural Background

Novels With a Rural Background – A novel with a rural background becomes one of the novels that can really fill the boredom of the readers, a novel with a rural background provides a different vibes from other novels.

When bored, the majority of people will immediately reach for their cellphones in their pockets, then scroll through social media while playing music. Try another way, namely reading a book.

Novels With a Rural Background

You can still take your cellphone, but not the social media that you open. It’s an ebook reader or audiobook application. The book can also be purchased directly in the application at a lower price than physical books. The choices are various, you can choose all books from international and local authors.

Need recommendations? The following is a reading-list of a novel set in a village. Powerful solace for boredom, from all age categories, family dramas, romances, to thrillers is below. Let’s check.

1. The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany

More than 200 years ago, Filomena Fontana cursed her sister so that she would never find true love for life. It turns out that the curse has survived to the present day, three daughters of the Fontana family who were born second in their family find it difficult to find lovers.

Until they accepted the offer of one of their aunts to accompany him to visit the village where Fontana had lived. The aunt was sure their arrival would bring the curse to an end. Readers will be invited to tour around to enjoy the beauty and splendor of Tuscany which is romantic and warm. Romantic comedy fans must prove the excitement of this novel.

2. Cold Comfort Farm

Stella Gibbons’ novel is actually an old work. First published in 1932, copies of it have continued to be printed today. The story revolves around Flora Poste, a young woman who recently lost her parents. Only then did he know that his parents had not left any inheritance. Unmarried and unable to support himself at that time, he moved to live with his relatives who owned a farm.

It is there that Flora Poste’s new life story sheet begins. Hilarious and warm, this legendary novel has already been filmed. In fact, many say the film really brings to life what is written in the book.

3. Tales From The Mountain

Set in a rural area in Portugal with several different plays, this novel is actually a collection of short stories by Miguel Torga. Starting with a woman who from birth lived and raised a family in the village, an exiled thief, the story of a young man who, despite having many reasons to stay, chose to go see the world outside his village. And finally, the sad story of a father who wants to give a gift to his son who gets good grades in school.

Torga himself is known as a writer who is respected and revered by Portuguese speakers. He was nominated several times as a Nobel Prize for Literature winner, but unfortunately never got it until the end of his life.

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4. The Switch

The Switch is a contemporary novel set in England. There are two main characters in this book. Leena, a career woman who experienced burn out and fled to her grandmother’s house in a village in northern England. The second character is none other than the grandmother, Eileen, who is like the opposite of Leena who feels trapped in her house and dreams of living in a big city.

The mission of exchanging lives begins. Leena realizes many things that make the village not always synonymous with tranquility, while Eileen has her own story when she has to live in Leena’s apartment in London with a group of other young people. Hilarious and full of messages of life, this heartwarming novel is suitable as a boredom reliever.

5. As Brave As You

Ernie and Genie intend to spend their long holiday at their grandfather’s house. It was in a rural location, away from the bustle of New York that they had known. Intending to explore new things, Ernie and Genie find out that the grandfather had been keeping his eye condition a secret, which had worsened.

Seeing their grandfather living alone in a blind state, they crowned him as the bravest and strongest person in the world. This novel presents an inspirational story that is soft, but still realistic. As if to emphasize that not all heroes wear robes and are good at fighting. Can be read by readers of all ages.…

Novels with Stories with Different Perspectives

Novels with Stories with Different Perspectives

Novels with Stories with Different Perspectives – Novels with stories from different points of view are quite interesting, especially for readers who already understand novels very well.

Reading books is still the hardest thing for you? Maybe you haven’t found a book that fits. Sometimes we just start with one book that has been completed successfully and can make us addicted to completing another book.

Novels with Stories with Different Perspectives

Can start from the following fictional novel. It’s been curated based on the most violent stories and packaged from a different point of view. Prepare a note and put it in the wish-list.

1. The Piranhas

Roberto Saviano was previously known for his novel Gomorrah, which revealed the existence of a criminal organization in Naples, Italy. The surging semi-documentary work has indeed catapulted his name, but at the same time has put his life in jeopardy. He even had to live with police protection until now since his debut novel was published.

His bitter experience of writing about criminal gangs did not frighten him. He returned to produce a similar work entitled The Piranhas. This time exploring a juvenile criminal gang, still in Naples. Nico, the main character, is a fictional character described by Saviano as a young man with big ambitions for wealth and power. He and his colleagues did not even hesitate to take advantage of the homeless to train their armed abilities.

Published in 2016, this novel has been filmed under the original title La Paranza dei Bambini and has received positive responses.

2. Klara and the Sun

Kazuo Ishiguro is widely known for his Never Let Me Go, a science fiction novel that evokes a sense of humanity. This year he returned with a similar novel titled Klara and The Sun. The narrator, Klara, is the result of artificial intelligence. Every day he was in the shop, waiting for customers to come to him. Through Klara’s eyes, readers are invited to explore the meaning of life and human relationships.

It’s hard to separate Klara and The Sun from Never Let Me Go, but Ishiguro tries to make a different point in his latest novel. This novel is one of the most anticipated works of 2021.

3. The Upstairs House

Reading horror novels must have a different sensation than watching the film. If a lot of horror films rely on makeup, lighting, and jumpscare, novels are usually mixed with descriptions and plots as scary as possible to keep it entertaining. It is the same as The Upstairs House which is actually not too horror, but contains elements of the supernatural and mystery.

The story is about a woman who just gave birth and lives in an old house. The husband who is busy working often leaves his wife at home with the baby alone. Until one day, the wife found a new friend who lived on the second floor of their house.

This horror novel also explores issues related to trauma. Including postpartum taruma which is actually often experienced by young mothers, but is considered strange or taboo. Birth is always considered a source of happiness, even though every mother feels different challenges.

4. Sorrow and Bliss

Sorrow and Bliss is an excellent read for the psychological drama lover. Martha is a 40-year-old woman who realized that something was wrong with her mental state, but was never diagnosed. The husband thought it fine for years, until he decided to leave her.

During this period, readers are invited to delve into Martha’s past. How was her relationship with her parents, sister, aunt, and husband before they got married. The author deliberately does not include a definite diagnosis of Martha’s mental illness. Instead, she took various symptoms from several diseases to build Martha’s character.

5. A Gentleman in Moscow

Getting a thumbs up from Bill Gates, A Gentleman in Moscow is a portrait of the life of a Russian aristocrat in 1922. In that year, the Bolshevik revolution had succeeded in getting rid of the aristocracy in Russia and establishing a communist state called the Soviet Union. His status as a nobleman led to Rostov’s arrest and sentenced to life in prison.

Of course, in contrast to the more cruel reality, this fictional novel is made more human. Instead of being killed as he should have been, Rostov was imprisoned in a luxury hotel called Metropol. He was forced to become a hotel worker, but instead enjoyed it. Unique, full of satire and witty humor.

6. The Comeback

Inspired by the #MeToo movement, this novel is a work of fiction that takes the viewpoint of a rising young actress named Grace. However, in the midst of his rising popularity, he chose to leave Hollywood. Until he decided to return when asked to be one of the readers of the Golden Globes nomination.

In fact, from this it was guessed that Grace would target one of the high-ranking officials in Hollywood who often abused her power. However, this novel offers more than revenge and empowerment for women and victims. The Comeback also portrays the tough journey of actresses and actors who started their careers at a very young age.…