Recommended Spooky Novels For Horror Lovers

Recommended Spooky Novels For Horror Lovers

Recommended Spooky Novels For Horror Lovers – The existence of horror novels gives its readers its own color and sensation, with horror stories written into the novels, it is hoped that it can make readers absorb the stories in the novel.

Reading horror genre novels provides its own sensation than watching movies. Readers are free to imagine about the terrors described throughout the book. It is also easier for us to imagine getting into the story. So as if we feel haunted.

Recommended Spooky Novels For Horror Lovers

Moreover, there are so many horror genre novels that are too dear to miss. Some have even been adapted into a film so scary. Like these five best western horror novels that must be read by those who claim to be horror lovers. If you are a coward, it’s better to skip.

1. The Haunting of Hill House – Shirley Jackson

The Haunting of Hill House is an old horror novel published in 1959. This novel even received an award as the best horror novel published in the 20th century. This novel was so popular that it has been adapted into two films and one series made by Netflix.

Just like the title, this novel tells of a mansion called Hill House which often occurs supernatural sightings. A psychic named Dr. John Montgue tries to investigate the mansion. There are so many creepy events that can make goosebumps in this novel. Not to mention the conflict that surrounds the people who live in Hill House.

It is absolutely imperative to read a novel by Shirley Jackson if you like a novel that contains a lot of gripping terror.

2. Beloved – Toni Morrison

First published in 1987, Beloved is predicted to be the best novel written by Toni Morrison. This novel is set in Ohio after the Civil War. In this novel tells about Sethe, a slave who managed to escape. Previously, she had lost her husband and child.

Year after year passed, Sethe could not forget the trauma that had happened to him. He still remembers the events of his past. Plus Sethe is haunted by the death of his baby. To end it all, Sethe tried to dig up what really happened.

3. Ghost Story – Peter Straub

Ghost Story novel tells about the meeting of five friends. They regularly share scary stories related to ghosts. However, one day one of them died mysteriously. Since then, they have had dreams about their respective deaths.

It turns out that there is a secret behind the events that haunt them. The five of them had made a mistake that caused a girl to die in the past. So they assumed the young girl had come to take revenge. The novel, which was published in 1979, is guaranteed to haunt you with the terror that befell the five friends.

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4. The Exorcist – William Peter Blatty

As the title suggests, this book has the theme of exorcism. This book is quite scary because it is inspired by a real incident that happened to one of the students at Georgetown University in 1950. The novel, which was published in 1971, was also repeatedly adapted into a film, namely The Exorcist trilogy.

This novel tells the story of a child of a famous artist named Regan who repeatedly experiences scary events after he is sick. Starting from seeing the appearance to being possessed. After medical treatment that had no effect, Regan’s mother went to a priest to treat her child.

To heal Regan, the priest then performs an exorcism ritual. You will be afraid of what they experience during the ritual.

5. Pet Sematary – Stephen King

Actually, all of Stephen King’s novels are highly recommended for horror lovers to read. One of his works that you must read is Pet Sematary. This novel was also just adapted into a film in 2019 yesterday but unfortunately it’s not as scary as the printed version.

Pet Sematary tells the story of an animal grave that can bring to life anyone who dies. However, those who come back to life will behave like an undead, not like an ordinary human. Of course it is very scary if we imagine being in the midst of the undead.…

Leo Tolstoy’s Best Classic Novels You Must Read

Leo Tolstoy's Best Classic Novels You Must Read

Leo Tolstoy’s Best Classic Novels You Must Read – Besides Fyodor Dostoyevsky who wrote classic novels, Leo Tolstoy is also one of the classic novelists who is quite popular with several classic novels that evoke soul.

Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy, better known as the Russian writer of the 19th century. Leo Tolstoy is considered by many to be one of the greatest novelists of all time. She has spawned many epic novels describing the Russian society in which she grew up to non-fiction books about the spiritual crisis and its rise.

Leo Tolstoy's Best Classic Novels You Must Read

His works have always been favored by various generations, not only because of the interesting plot but also the inner depictions of the characters that he creates are so detailed and clear that they are even historical depictions of his country. Of his many works, here are five of his best books that you really deserve to read.

1. Anna Karenina (1887)

Considered the greatest work ever written according to both top writer and layman, Anna Karenina is an 1877 masterpiece that paints a vivid picture of contemporary Russian society.

This novel tells the story of the eponymous Russian woman who, initially trapped by social conventions, then dares to leave a loveless marriage for the sake of forbidden love and face tragic consequences.

Another Russian literary giant, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, describes Anna Karenina as “the perfect work of art,” so if you’re just starting out with one Tolstoy novel, this might be the novel.

2.War and Peace (1869)

This novel is Tolstoy’s second most influential work in world literature. Tolstoy, who came from an old Russian aristocratic family, had a special interest in studying and criticizing the social structures of his time. The story of War and Peace, which took place between 1805 and 1812, is basically the story of five noble families before Napoleon’s French invasion of Russia.

As a veteran of the Crimean War, Tolstoy did not agree with the historical narrative of the events. The plot and interactions between the five families are at the heart of the novel. This novel is remarkable for its epic scale and is heavily influenced by the battle scenes in Victor Hugo’s other classic Les Misérables.

3.The Death of Ivan Ilyich (1886)

The novel addresses the sensitive themes of death and dying, as the high court judge and protagonist Ilyich is faced with his inevitable death in pre-revolution Russia. This book is considered relevant as a study of Tolstoy’s influence on religious and philosophical issues.

Written at a time of deep spiritual crisis in Tolstoy’s personal life, The Death of Ivan Ilyich is the artistic culmination of a nine-year professional break following the publication of Anna Karenina. His religious and philosophical views in this novel were considered to be extreme which led to his excommunication from the Russian Orthodox Church.

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4.A Confession (1882)

By the time of his 50th birthday, Tolstoy had become the author of the novel that was very well known as one of the giants of Russian literature, however, on a personal level, he was experiencing a deep moral and spiritual crisis. He was even on the verge of committing suicide, but later he committed himself to finding “the meaning of life” by reading major religious texts.

A Confession is a very honest story about a difficult time and tells of its journey from a deep moral crisis to the spiritual awakening Tolstoy felt.

5. Resurrection (1899)

This is Tolstoy’s last work before his death in 1910. It tells the story of a noble’s attempt to atone for sins in his youth inflicted on a peasant girl who ends up being a prisoner in Siberia.

An intimate psychological tale of guilt, anger, forgiveness, and resurrection at the same time is a panoramic picture of social life in Russia in the late nineteenth century, reflecting the author’s anger at the social injustice in the world in which he lived.…

Classical Novels by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Classical Novels by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Classical Novels by Fyodor Dostoyevsky – Fyodor Dostoyevsky is one of the most popular novelists who came from Russia, most of the novels written by Fyodor Dostoyevsky are classics.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821-1881) is one of the most influential writers in Russia. The many hardships and tragedies in his life later reflected and inspired his work, helping him to create memorable characters that would later shape the image of 19th century Russia.

Classical Novels by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

In each of his novels, Dostoyevsky often depicts the life of the marginalized, forgotten, alienated, but actually represents the lives of the majority of people. They are the backbone of a country, and deeply understand life. So, here are five recommendations for Dostoyevsky’s best novels that deserve to be included in your booklist.

1.Crime and Punishment (1866)

The best way to get to know Dostoyevsky is by reading his most phenomenal novel Crime and Punishment. The story of a poor man who commits a crime to survive, but then deals with a bigger struggle than poverty – extreme guilt.

Along the way, readers will be confronted with all kinds of pathetic and despised human beings who inhabit the streets of St. Petersburg. But behind it all they are human beings who have a sense of humanity. This psychological novel allows us to understand the other side of people who have been thrown and alienated by life.

2.The Idiot (1868)

If you feel like the world is filled with ugliness, then it’s time to read The Idiot. The main character, Prince Myshkin, is one of the gentlest and kindest characters, but is trapped in a world of judgmental and cunning imperfect people. He recently returned after undergoing treatment at a Swiss mental hospital.

But her involvement in shameful forbidden love and persecution by those around her brought her back to where she was once cared for – a mental institution. In the end, however, Myshkin’s honesty, kindness, and integrity proved unequal to the moral emptiness of those around him.

3.Poor Folk (1846)

This epistolary novel was written as an exchange of letters between two poor people in St Petersburg – the old Makar Devushkin and his lover, Varvara Dobroselova. Although ironic in tone, this work is an important social novel that speaks for less fortunate people.

Devushkin’s love for his distant cousin Varvara leads him to continue looking for money to help support her, hoping to one day marry her. But despite her hopes, her parents disapproved of her and a richer man proposed to her, so Varvara was faced with a choice many young women used to face.

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4.Demons (1871)

Demons is one of Dostoyevsky’s most politicized works. Inspired by the true story of the political assassination that horrified Russia in 1869. The plot is based on the story of the murder of a student named Ivan Ivanov, who was allegedly committed by members of revolutionary circles.

The novel is a reflection of a radical movement growing among intellectuals and the early signs of terrorism. This work is a reflection of Dostoyevsky’s thinking about the part of society protesting at his time and perhaps also a reflection on his participation in the circle of free thought.

5. The Gambler (1866)

This novel has an ironic story behind it, as Dostoyevsky previously lost a lot of money. The commission for this work came after Dostoyevsky lost a large sum of money that was not only his, but also his friend’s due to gambling. Due to heavy debt, the author made a contract to complete the work of The Gambler in a very short time.

This short novel tells the story of Alexey Ivanovitch, a young teacher who works at the home of a proud Russian general. Alexey then tries to break through the walls of the established order in Russia, but ends up mired in endless gambling and losses. His intense addiction was further exacerbated by his affair with the General’s violent nephew, Polina.…

Novels With a Rural Background

Novels With a Rural Background

Novels With a Rural Background – A novel with a rural background becomes one of the novels that can really fill the boredom of the readers, a novel with a rural background provides a different vibes from other novels.

When bored, the majority of people will immediately reach for their cellphones in their pockets, then scroll through social media while playing music. Try another way, namely reading a book.

Novels With a Rural Background

You can still take your cellphone, but not the social media that you open. It’s an ebook reader or audiobook application. The book can also be purchased directly in the application at a lower price than physical books. The choices are various, you can choose all books from international and local authors.

Need recommendations? The following is a reading-list of a novel set in a village. Powerful solace for boredom, from all age categories, family dramas, romances, to thrillers is below. Let’s check.

1. The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany

More than 200 years ago, Filomena Fontana cursed her sister so that she would never find true love for life. It turns out that the curse has survived to the present day, three daughters of the Fontana family who were born second in their family find it difficult to find lovers.

Until they accepted the offer of one of their aunts to accompany him to visit the village where Fontana had lived. The aunt was sure their arrival would bring the curse to an end. Readers will be invited to tour around to enjoy the beauty and splendor of Tuscany which is romantic and warm. Romantic comedy fans must prove the excitement of this novel.

2. Cold Comfort Farm

Stella Gibbons’ novel is actually an old work. First published in 1932, copies of it have continued to be printed today. The story revolves around Flora Poste, a young woman who recently lost her parents. Only then did he know that his parents had not left any inheritance. Unmarried and unable to support himself at that time, he moved to live with his relatives who owned a farm.

It is there that Flora Poste’s new life story sheet begins. Hilarious and warm, this legendary novel has already been filmed. In fact, many say the film really brings to life what is written in the book.

3. Tales From The Mountain

Set in a rural area in Portugal with several different plays, this novel is actually a collection of short stories by Miguel Torga. Starting with a woman who from birth lived and raised a family in the village, an exiled thief, the story of a young man who, despite having many reasons to stay, chose to go see the world outside his village. And finally, the sad story of a father who wants to give a gift to his son who gets good grades in school.

Torga himself is known as a writer who is respected and revered by Portuguese speakers. He was nominated several times as a Nobel Prize for Literature winner, but unfortunately never got it until the end of his life.

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4. The Switch

The Switch is a contemporary novel set in England. There are two main characters in this book. Leena, a career woman who experienced burn out and fled to her grandmother’s house in a village in northern England. The second character is none other than the grandmother, Eileen, who is like the opposite of Leena who feels trapped in her house and dreams of living in a big city.

The mission of exchanging lives begins. Leena realizes many things that make the village not always synonymous with tranquility, while Eileen has her own story when she has to live in Leena’s apartment in London with a group of other young people. Hilarious and full of messages of life, this heartwarming novel is suitable as a boredom reliever.

5. As Brave As You

Ernie and Genie intend to spend their long holiday at their grandfather’s house. It was in a rural location, away from the bustle of New York that they had known. Intending to explore new things, Ernie and Genie find out that the grandfather had been keeping his eye condition a secret, which had worsened.

Seeing their grandfather living alone in a blind state, they crowned him as the bravest and strongest person in the world. This novel presents an inspirational story that is soft, but still realistic. As if to emphasize that not all heroes wear robes and are good at fighting. Can be read by readers of all ages.…

Novels with Stories with Different Perspectives

Novels with Stories with Different Perspectives

Novels with Stories with Different Perspectives – Novels with stories from different points of view are quite interesting, especially for readers who already understand novels very well.

Reading books is still the hardest thing for you? Maybe you haven’t found a book that fits. Sometimes we just start with one book that has been completed successfully and can make us addicted to completing another book.

Novels with Stories with Different Perspectives

Can start from the following fictional novel. It’s been curated based on the most violent stories and packaged from a different point of view. Prepare a note and put it in the wish-list.

1. The Piranhas

Roberto Saviano was previously known for his novel Gomorrah, which revealed the existence of a criminal organization in Naples, Italy. The surging semi-documentary work has indeed catapulted his name, but at the same time has put his life in jeopardy. He even had to live with police protection until now since his debut novel was published.

His bitter experience of writing about criminal gangs did not frighten him. He returned to produce a similar work entitled The Piranhas. This time exploring a juvenile criminal gang, still in Naples. Nico, the main character, is a fictional character described by Saviano as a young man with big ambitions for wealth and power. He and his colleagues did not even hesitate to take advantage of the homeless to train their armed abilities.

Published in 2016, this novel has been filmed under the original title La Paranza dei Bambini and has received positive responses.

2. Klara and the Sun

Kazuo Ishiguro is widely known for his Never Let Me Go, a science fiction novel that evokes a sense of humanity. This year he returned with a similar novel titled Klara and The Sun. The narrator, Klara, is the result of artificial intelligence. Every day he was in the shop, waiting for customers to come to him. Through Klara’s eyes, readers are invited to explore the meaning of life and human relationships.

It’s hard to separate Klara and The Sun from Never Let Me Go, but Ishiguro tries to make a different point in his latest novel. This novel is one of the most anticipated works of 2021.

3. The Upstairs House

Reading horror novels must have a different sensation than watching the film. If a lot of horror films rely on makeup, lighting, and jumpscare, novels are usually mixed with descriptions and plots as scary as possible to keep it entertaining. It is the same as The Upstairs House which is actually not too horror, but contains elements of the supernatural and mystery.

The story is about a woman who just gave birth and lives in an old house. The husband who is busy working often leaves his wife at home with the baby alone. Until one day, the wife found a new friend who lived on the second floor of their house.

This horror novel also explores issues related to trauma. Including postpartum taruma which is actually often experienced by young mothers, but is considered strange or taboo. Birth is always considered a source of happiness, even though every mother feels different challenges.

4. Sorrow and Bliss

Sorrow and Bliss is an excellent read for the psychological drama lover. Martha is a 40-year-old woman who realized that something was wrong with her mental state, but was never diagnosed. The husband thought it fine for years, until he decided to leave her.

During this period, readers are invited to delve into Martha’s past. How was her relationship with her parents, sister, aunt, and husband before they got married. The author deliberately does not include a definite diagnosis of Martha’s mental illness. Instead, she took various symptoms from several diseases to build Martha’s character.

5. A Gentleman in Moscow

Getting a thumbs up from Bill Gates, A Gentleman in Moscow is a portrait of the life of a Russian aristocrat in 1922. In that year, the Bolshevik revolution had succeeded in getting rid of the aristocracy in Russia and establishing a communist state called the Soviet Union. His status as a nobleman led to Rostov’s arrest and sentenced to life in prison.

Of course, in contrast to the more cruel reality, this fictional novel is made more human. Instead of being killed as he should have been, Rostov was imprisoned in a luxury hotel called Metropol. He was forced to become a hotel worker, but instead enjoyed it. Unique, full of satire and witty humor.

6. The Comeback

Inspired by the #MeToo movement, this novel is a work of fiction that takes the viewpoint of a rising young actress named Grace. However, in the midst of his rising popularity, he chose to leave Hollywood. Until he decided to return when asked to be one of the readers of the Golden Globes nomination.

In fact, from this it was guessed that Grace would target one of the high-ranking officials in Hollywood who often abused her power. However, this novel offers more than revenge and empowerment for women and victims. The Comeback also portrays the tough journey of actresses and actors who started their careers at a very young age.…