Novels With a Rural Background

Novels With a Rural Background

Novels With a Rural Background – A novel with a rural background becomes one of the novels that can really fill the boredom of the readers, a novel with a rural background provides a different vibes from other novels.

When bored, the majority of people will immediately reach for their cellphones in their pockets, then scroll through social media while playing music. Try another way, namely reading a book.

Novels With a Rural Background

You can still take your cellphone, but not the social media that you open. It’s an ebook reader or audiobook application. The book can also be purchased directly in the application at a lower price than physical books. The choices are various, you can choose all books from international and local authors.

Need recommendations? The following is a reading-list of a novel set in a village. Powerful solace for boredom, from all age categories, family dramas, romances, to thrillers is below. Let’s check.

1. The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany

More than 200 years ago, Filomena Fontana cursed her sister so that she would never find true love for life. It turns out that the curse has survived to the present day, three daughters of the Fontana family who were born second in their family find it difficult to find lovers.

Until they accepted the offer of one of their aunts to accompany him to visit the village where Fontana had lived. The aunt was sure their arrival would bring the curse to an end. Readers will be invited to tour around to enjoy the beauty and splendor of Tuscany which is romantic and warm. Romantic comedy fans must prove the excitement of this novel.

2. Cold Comfort Farm

Stella Gibbons’ novel is actually an old work. First published in 1932, copies of it have continued to be printed today. The story revolves around Flora Poste, a young woman who recently lost her parents. Only then did he know that his parents had not left any inheritance. Unmarried and unable to support himself at that time, he moved to live with his relatives who owned a farm.

It is there that Flora Poste’s new life story sheet begins. Hilarious and warm, this legendary novel has already been filmed. In fact, many say the film really brings to life what is written in the book.

3. Tales From The Mountain

Set in a rural area in Portugal with several different plays, this novel is actually a collection of short stories by Miguel Torga. Starting with a woman who from birth lived and raised a family in the village, an exiled thief, the story of a young man who, despite having many reasons to stay, chose to go see the world outside his village. And finally, the sad story of a father who wants to give a gift to his son who gets good grades in school.

Torga himself is known as a writer who is respected and revered by Portuguese speakers. He was nominated several times as a Nobel Prize for Literature winner, but unfortunately never got it until the end of his life.

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4. The Switch

The Switch is a contemporary novel set in England. There are two main characters in this book. Leena, a career woman who experienced burn out and fled to her grandmother’s house in a village in northern England. The second character is none other than the grandmother, Eileen, who is like the opposite of Leena who feels trapped in her house and dreams of living in a big city.

The mission of exchanging lives begins. Leena realizes many things that make the village not always synonymous with tranquility, while Eileen has her own story when she has to live in Leena’s apartment in London with a group of other young people. Hilarious and full of messages of life, this heartwarming novel is suitable as a boredom reliever.

5. As Brave As You

Ernie and Genie intend to spend their long holiday at their grandfather’s house. It was in a rural location, away from the bustle of New York that they had known. Intending to explore new things, Ernie and Genie find out that the grandfather had been keeping his eye condition a secret, which had worsened.

Seeing their grandfather living alone in a blind state, they crowned him as the bravest and strongest person in the world. This novel presents an inspirational story that is soft, but still realistic. As if to emphasize that not all heroes wear robes and are good at fighting. Can be read by readers of all ages.…