Novels with Stories with Different Perspectives

Novels with Stories with Different Perspectives

Novels with Stories with Different Perspectives – Novels with stories from different points of view are quite interesting, especially for readers who already understand novels very well.

Reading books is still the hardest thing for you? Maybe you haven’t found a book that fits. Sometimes we just start with one book that has been completed successfully and can make us addicted to completing another book.

Novels with Stories with Different Perspectives

Can start from the following fictional novel. It’s been curated based on the most violent stories and packaged from a different point of view. Prepare a note and put it in the wish-list.

1. The Piranhas

Roberto Saviano was previously known for his novel Gomorrah, which revealed the existence of a criminal organization in Naples, Italy. The surging semi-documentary work has indeed catapulted his name, but at the same time has put his life in jeopardy. He even had to live with police protection until now since his debut novel was published.

His bitter experience of writing about criminal gangs did not frighten him. He returned to produce a similar work entitled The Piranhas. This time exploring a juvenile criminal gang, still in Naples. Nico, the main character, is a fictional character described by Saviano as a young man with big ambitions for wealth and power. He and his colleagues did not even hesitate to take advantage of the homeless to train their armed abilities.

Published in 2016, this novel has been filmed under the original title La Paranza dei Bambini and has received positive responses.

2. Klara and the Sun

Kazuo Ishiguro is widely known for his Never Let Me Go, a science fiction novel that evokes a sense of humanity. This year he returned with a similar novel titled Klara and The Sun. The narrator, Klara, is the result of artificial intelligence. Every day he was in the shop, waiting for customers to come to him. Through Klara’s eyes, readers are invited to explore the meaning of life and human relationships.

It’s hard to separate Klara and The Sun from Never Let Me Go, but Ishiguro tries to make a different point in his latest novel. This novel is one of the most anticipated works of 2021.

3. The Upstairs House

Reading horror novels must have a different sensation than watching the film. If a lot of horror films rely on makeup, lighting, and jumpscare, novels are usually mixed with descriptions and plots as scary as possible to keep it entertaining. It is the same as The Upstairs House which is actually not too horror, but contains elements of the supernatural and mystery.

The story is about a woman who just gave birth and lives in an old house. The husband who is busy working often leaves his wife at home with the baby alone. Until one day, the wife found a new friend who lived on the second floor of their house.

This horror novel also explores issues related to trauma. Including postpartum taruma which is actually often experienced by young mothers, but is considered strange or taboo. Birth is always considered a source of happiness, even though every mother feels different challenges.

4. Sorrow and Bliss

Sorrow and Bliss is an excellent read for the psychological drama lover. Martha is a 40-year-old woman who realized that something was wrong with her mental state, but was never diagnosed. The husband thought it fine for years, until he decided to leave her.

During this period, readers are invited to delve into Martha’s past. How was her relationship with her parents, sister, aunt, and husband before they got married. The author deliberately does not include a definite diagnosis of Martha’s mental illness. Instead, she took various symptoms from several diseases to build Martha’s character.

5. A Gentleman in Moscow

Getting a thumbs up from Bill Gates, A Gentleman in Moscow is a portrait of the life of a Russian aristocrat in 1922. In that year, the Bolshevik revolution had succeeded in getting rid of the aristocracy in Russia and establishing a communist state called the Soviet Union. His status as a nobleman led to Rostov’s arrest and sentenced to life in prison.

Of course, in contrast to the more cruel reality, this fictional novel is made more human. Instead of being killed as he should have been, Rostov was imprisoned in a luxury hotel called Metropol. He was forced to become a hotel worker, but instead enjoyed it. Unique, full of satire and witty humor.

6. The Comeback

Inspired by the #MeToo movement, this novel is a work of fiction that takes the viewpoint of a rising young actress named Grace. However, in the midst of his rising popularity, he chose to leave Hollywood. Until he decided to return when asked to be one of the readers of the Golden Globes nomination.

In fact, from this it was guessed that Grace would target one of the high-ranking officials in Hollywood who often abused her power. However, this novel offers more than revenge and empowerment for women and victims. The Comeback also portrays the tough journey of actresses and actors who started their careers at a very young age.…