Romantic Novels from Korea

Romantic Novels from Korea

Romantic Novels from Korea – For people who really like reading novels, surely there are many novel books and stories he has ever read. But not many people know about novels from Korea. The following are the recommendations of romantic novels from Korea that you must read

Single Ville (Choi Yun Kyo)

There is a cottage containing six houses that are all filled with girls and single guys. There are regulations that prohibit each member to fall in love because they have to live alone.

The sixth conflict of figures in this novel is interesting to follow. For example, IM SO Yeong is cheerful and likes to visit neighbors, a writer named Choi Yun Seong.

There is also Go Seong Min, a former detective who is still obsessed with finding a murder suspect. Then, there is Geon Woo who suspects who is actually Seo Yeong. And Lee Jeong Hyeok who secretly hid his girlfriend in the house.

And a myriad of other problems. Oh yes, reading this novel feels like watching the Korean variety show, Girls.

Letterbox 110 (Lee Do Woo)

This novel invites us to follow the life behind a radio program with the Gong Jinsol and Lee Geon pair.

JINSOL, the writer of a radio show scenario must cooperate with his new boss Lee Geon. Because both work as writers, they also like fighting, deh.

Moreover, Geon likes to go to JinSol, so this girl becomes bete. But, how long this feeling is changing so like it, huh? Haha.

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Perfect Match (Park Mi Youn)

Matchmaking is indeed one of the themes that never stale to be appointed as drama stories or novels. This is the main premise of Perfect Match.

Jung Eun Su who believes in love is betrothed to Kim Hyuk Jun, a guy who is not at all believes in love. This match is expected to help the state of the company that is crisis.

Despite having a very contrary, they began to learn about love. Hmm … really like a story in the drama, he.

My Boyfriend’s Wedding Dress (Kim Eun Jeong)

A wedding dress can turn out to make the atmosphere complicated. Because the designer sent a wedding dress to the wrong address, Se Kyeong so he had to face many problems before his wedding.

When he was weighing his decision to marry Hyo In, his first love to dump him, Kang Hoo, instead chased him again.

In addition, there is also Hae Yoon, a lawyer who is far from New York who deliberately comes to Korea in order to ask for accountability to Kyeong for his wrong wedding dress sent. Duh, really complicated, yes.…