5 Horror Novels by Edgar Allan Poe

5 Horror Novels by Edgar Allan Poe

5 Horror Novels by Edgar Allan Poe – For those of you who like horror films or scary stories, you will definitely look for other horror stories that are more interesting and more tense. As follows, you can listen and even read the best horror novels by Edgar Allan

The Yellow Wall-Paper
The Yellow Wall-Paper is a short story first published in 1892. The narrator is a woman who lives in an old rented mansion for the summer with her husband. The goal is to speed up his wife’s recovery from a mental illness diagnosed as depression.

With all the rules and restrictions imposed by the husband while at home, his wife’s condition continued to deteriorate. You could say, this novela is a psychological-horror genre that keeps the reader challenged to guess which ones are real and which are just hallucinations of the narrator.

The Lottery

Like The Haunting of Hill House and We Have Always Lived in the Castle, another book by Shirley Jackson that you should try is The Lottery. This short novel is set in a small town in the United States which has a ritual of drawing the lottery at the end of June. To determine what the lottery is? Only at the end of the story do you know the answer.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Neil Gaiman is known as a successful surrealist writer in this contemporary era. However, if you are looking for his work in the horror genre, The Ocean at the End of the Lane is the answer.

The play is a middle-aged man who returns to his hometown to attend a funeral. There were no possessions, family, or friends left there, except for a farm on the corner which reminded him of the bitter events he witnessed decades ago.

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Through the Woods

This graphic novel by Emily Carroll consists of five horror stories set in a forest. It’s quite varied, you can challenge your guts by reading stories about the ghost of a bride in an old house until you discover dark secrets about the people closest to you.
Complete with supporting illustrations that are ready to make you imagine the horrors of each story.

Song For The Unraveling of the World

Won several prestigious awards throughout 2019, short novels by Brian Evenson are ready to make your hair stand on end through some of his short stories. Starting from a girl who was born without a face, the dedication of a father who ends tragically, a magician who fails to do his tricks, to a man who investigates the death of his best friend.…