10 Youth Novels by the Nation’s Children That Can Inspire


10 Youth Novels by the Nation’s Children That Can Inspire – Although the existence of hard copy novels is now slowly being abandoned and switching to e-book versions, novels are still loved by many people who like to imagine. Diving into a novel and immersed in the characters and plots that are read, sometimes becomes a unique interest for someone. You also?

Not only about romance, these 10 teen novels are really worth reading, millennials to keep the spirit of reaching their dreams and goals. The choice of slick diction and light but still weighty stories are the main attractions for these 10 novels. Here’s the list.

1. Notasi, karya Morra Quatro

With the background of the conflict between the community and the government that occurred in 1998, this teen novel is suitable for you to read in your spare time. Not only about how much Nalia admires the figure of Nino, a young man majoring in electrical engineering who is extraordinarily intelligent and full of ambition.

This novel tells of a number of young people who were not afraid to fight for their campus radio at that time to be able to broadcast. Reportedly, Morra Quatro was indeed inspired by the true story of the formation of Swaragama FM radio. You will feel the strong spirit of youth and the conflicts that accompany it in the New Order era. Anyway, a must read!

2. Call Me Miss J, karya Orizuka

This light novel with everyday dialogue is worth reading and can inspire you, you know. Tells about Lea who is plagued with problems typical of teenage girls in general; acne and self-confidence. He always felt inferior because of stubborn pimples on his face.

One day he meets Raya, a quiet boy at his school, which makes him slowly realize that beauty is not only about face or appearance. But from the heart and attitude of a person. This then made Lea rise and advance as a strong candidate for student council president. Millennials must read!

3. Tomodachi, karya Winna Efendi

Tomodachi is thick with the sense of friendship that exists between the characters. There is one quote that really stands out, for example like this:

“Watashitachiha tomodachidakara. Tomodachi wa otagai ni tasukeau–Because we are friends, and friends help each other.”

Tomomi and Tomoki, two teenagers who love running. Both of them are racing towards the finish line. Whatever they face, does not make them forget their goals and ideals from the start. Anyway, this novel set in the country of cherry blossoms is a must read!

4. The Chronicles of Audy, karya Orizuka

This novel series consisting of 4 parts is still fun for you to read until the end. The reason is, this teen novel tells the story of a complicated conflict of a girl named Audy Nagisa, who never graduated because she was facing her thesis. Audy then meets the 4R family (Regan, Romeo, Rex and Rafael), and lives with them for a reason.

For those of you who are still struggling with thesis like Audy, this novel is really suitable for you to read. Besides being able to entertain you, of course this novel can also inspire you to keep your spirits up in facing your thesis. Thesis = scriptsweet, deh. Keep the spirit Okay.

5. Apa Pun Selain Hujan, karya Orizuka

Still from the author Orizuka, who is indeed talented in producing youth genre novels. “Anything but Rain” takes the theme of friendship that exists between young taekwondo martial artists. Wira, the name of the main male character in this novel is traumatized by the rain because of something that happened in his past.

Since meeting Kayla in his new life, Wira begins to learn to make peace with himself. He also began to think about achieving his dreams that had been buried together with the mistakes he had made in the past. You also shouldn’t give up in achieving your goals, right, the figure of Wira really deserves to inspire you.

6. One Little Thing Called Hope, karya Winna Efendi

If this novel tells the story of a teenage girl named Flo, who made a mistake with her boyfriend, Genta. However, when they are required to face reality, Flo chooses a path that might sacrifice all his dreams and ideals. Just because he feels, this is indeed his responsibility.

Meanwhile, there is the figure of Aeryn who has just lost her mother. He became a more moody and introverted person. But when she finally sees Flo’s passion and courage, her half-sister Aeryn begins to learn to open up. This novel is full of moral messages, so it’s not only about romance, really.

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7. Someday, karya Winna Efendi

“Someday” tells the story of Chris, a young girl who loves swimming. He has ambitions to be the fastest at the Olympics. However, a young man named Art, made Chris drown in all his charms.

Because of Art, Chris actually forgot his dreams. Swimming, which became a precious memory left by his late mother, and became a part of him, slowly began to be left behind by Chris. Something about Art then made Chris realize that the man was not worthy of replacing all of his ideals.

This novel with a school setting is suitable to inspire young teenagers, so they don’t make the wrong choice between love and dreams that have been hidden for so long. Happy reading the story!

8. Wajah Baru Nikolas, karya Regina Feby & Elcy Anastasia

This fantasy-spiced novel (or maybe not) is worth reading. The story centers on an arrogant boy named Nikolas who turns into an orangutan.

When he became an orangutan, Nikolas slowly realized that not everyone around him did not love him. It’s just that Nikolas doesn’t want to pay attention to it and chooses to shut himself off. He also meets Asti, his first love, which makes him start to open up.

9. Seri High School Paradise, karya Orizuka

If you are a football lover at school, you should read this teen novel. Teenage boys are also okay, reading novels. Especially novels that can inspire you like the High School Paradise series by Orizuka.

This novel tells the story of a group of young people who struggle to establish a futsal club at their school. Facing ‘Godzilla’, the vice principal, did not make Lando, Rama, Sid and Cokie feel afraid. Together they fell and struggled to get their favorite club back on its feet.

10. Fairish, karya Esti Kinasih

Fairish, the title of this novel is the name of the main female character in it. Fairish is a model student and petite in her school. One day, a stormy transfer boy from Bandung named Davi suddenly chose to sit at the table beside him.

Apparently, despite his handsome face and famous throughout the school, Fairish slowly realized that Davi had a dark past. He tried his best to get Davi to forgive himself and start looking to the future. Guaranteed, you will be enchanted by the choice of Esti Kinasih’s diction which is really good to read.

Those are 10 youth novels by the nation’s children that can inspire millennials. I hope you are still passionate about achieving your goals, okay! Don’t forget to read the novel.…