Best Indian Novel Recommendations

Best Indian Novel Recommendations

Best Indian Novel Recommendations – For fans of novels, they definitely have the desire to continue reading novels that are trending or the latest releases that can inspire themselves. Indian fans will definitely buy and read novels about India. The following are recommendations for the best Indian novels

1. Unaccustomed Earth
Unaccustomed Earth is a collection of short stories by Indian writer Jhumpa Lahiri. The themes revolve around identity, feminism, cultural diversity, traditions, and family saga. Many end sadly, but the content is insightful.

This book was shown on Netflix’s best-selling series, Sex Education, and was seen reading by one of its characters, Maeve Wiley.

2. The White Tiger
The title is familiar because the film adaptation is nominated for an Oscar in 2021. The White Tiger takes the perspective of Balram, a young man from the village who becomes the chauffeur for a wealthy businessman. Getting bad treatment from his employer, he is determined to take revenge by building a taxi business.

This book addresses issues closely related to India, such as corruption, caste division, and economic inequality.

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3. The God of Small Things
Set in the 1960s, when the values ​​of communism began to enter the Indian political scene, lived a family consisting of two twins named Esthappen and Rahel, their mother, grandmother, and activist uncle. The comfortable life of this family turns complex, when their distant relatives of different beliefs come.

This novel touches on several issues that go hand in hand with the background of political movements, such as domestic violence, discrimination based on religion and caste, to the hierarchy in the family.

4. Midnight’s Children
Midnight’s Children is a surreal classic novel written by Salman Rushdie. Saleem is the protagonist of this novel, a boy born on the eve of India’s independence. He became one of 1,001 children born at the same time and all of them were endowed with certain advantages.

Saleem gains a sensitive sense of smell and his adventure begins in a vibrant Indian setting. The novel moves slowly, especially at the beginning.…