5 Interesting Novels for Adult Children

5 Interesting Novels for Adult Children

5 Interesting Novels for Adult Children –¬†As an adult, you may tend to choose literature according to age. Even though children’s novels can be read by anyone and in fact have many moral messages that may be forgotten as you get older.

Just like The Little Prince is still relatable for adult readers, some of the following children’s novels may be included in the reading list. If you have read it, there is nothing to lose if you read it again.

1. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

This book is written by Betty Smith in a semi-biographical style. Betty created the character Francie Nolan, an 11-year-old girl who lives in Brooklyn, New York with her parents and one younger brother. They are classified as poor families and their parents’ income is uncertain.

Divided into five acts, this novel begins with the introduction of Francie’s family and memories of his childhood with his younger brother. Then go back to the past when Francie’s parents, who are Austrian and Irish immigrants, met in New York. Lastly, Francie’s adolescence.

2. Coraline

Coraline has indeed been filmed by Laika’s production house. It turns out that the original work was a novel by the famous writer Neil Gaiman. Neil is known for his work which is cross-genre, ranging from horror, thriller, sci-fi, and fantasy that he has published.

Coraline itself is classified as a horror-fantasy novel, but it is mild enough that it is safe for children to read. The story is about a little girl named Coraline who is trapped in an alternate universe after opening a secret door in her new home. Loaded with moral messages and quite short, this novela can be read in just a few hours.

3. The View From the Cherry Tree

Even though it is a bit dark, this novel is still in the category of children’s novels that contain investigations. The story is about Rob who accidentally saw terrible events from the window of his neighbor’s house. He tried to warn his family and tell the truth when the police came to the crime scene, but witnessing a murder case is not easy for an 11 year old child.

4. The Secret Garden

This classic children’s novel is still in print today. Mary Lennox, the main character is a girl who lost her parents to a cholera epidemic. He then returned to England and is now under the care of his wealthy uncle, but rarely at home.

He then found something strange at his uncle’s house. Slowly, his rough and stubborn nature began to calm down after Mary discovered the secret garden in the house. Even though it is aimed at children, adult readers can still relate to the story which is full of moral messages and awareness of mental health.

5. Cogheart

For those who enjoy serial reading, Cogheart can be tried. Set in the Victorian era, you will meet Lily and her two partners, Robert and Malkin. The conflict begins with the death of Lily’s father in a plane crash and only Malkin, his father’s mechanical fox, survives.

Malkin tried to provide the code and message from his father, but it was not easy for Lily to understand. Together with Robert, the neighbor, they must crack the code before it’s too late. The plot is pretty fast with exciting missions.…