Here’s How To Be A Professional Novel Writer

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Here’s How To Be A Professional Novel Writer – Reading romantic stories, funny stories, to stressful experiences is a very fun activity. So many people do it by reading books. From the past until now, the audience for books, especially novels, has never been lost. Although currently the printing industry seems to be declining, it doesn’t mean that the number of novelists is also decreasing.

Instead of reading printed novels, nowadays many people, especially millennials, are interested in enjoying reading from their gadget screens. This is proof that writing novels still has promising potential. Not surprisingly, how to become a good novelist is still done by novice novelists.


Unfortunately, becoming a novelist is not an easy thing. You need to have a strong determination and commitment to finish the book. Moreover, the criteria for a work to be called a novel does not only consist of a few pages. So a novelist must have intention and consistency until his book can be published.

Generating Ideas and Recording Them

The main capital of a writer is how he finds fresh and brilliant ideas to be used as writing material. How to become a reliable novel writer, first you must be able to come up with ideas for essays. Ideas can come from anywhere, therefore you have to be smart in choosing and sorting out the waves of ideas that appear.

One of the tips to become a successful novelist is diligently looking for ideas to write stories. The idea of ​​a story does not have to be complicated or grandiose. Even a simple theme like friendship between a boy and a girl can be turned into an interesting and amazing story in the right hands. It’s just a matter of treatment from the author himself.

Once you get a story idea, it’s a good idea to write it down immediately so you don’t forget it. We often find many brilliant ideas pop up in our heads but are often forgotten and just disappear.

To prevent this from happening, make a small note about the idea. The next way to become a professional novelist is to develop ideas. The story ideas you have previously noted can then be developed further. The steps that can be taken are to create a story line, aka a series of stories in outline.

This is an initial strategy for how to write a simple novel for beginners. Once the story line is complete, you can create a more complex story line.

Don’t Get Tired of Writing

One of the keys to success in becoming a novelist is to keep writing and writing. Whatever story ideas are in your head, try to put them into sentences. A writer will not develop and transform into a reliable author if he does not get used to doing the work.

As a novice writer, of course, you don’t have much experience in producing books. You automatically tend to be no better than other writers who have created many works.

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But keep in mind that the way to become a great novelist always starts from a beginner without any work. However, the authors of these books have a strong commitment and desire so that slowly writing after writing is born from their cold hands.

Likewise, if you want to follow in the footsteps of professional and experienced book writers. Writing is the main job that must be continuously done. This is the strategy to be a book writer that should be done.

A beginner may find it difficult and heavy when imagining having to finish a book. For that you can start with shorter writings. For example by making short stories. How to write short stories can be said to be easier and simpler because it is not too long. This step can be used as a tactic to make it easier for you to write longer stories. Over time you’ll get better at it and see creating more complicated conflicts. The number of conflicts, if developed, will become a complete story in the form of a novel. How to become a novelist is worth practicing.

Read As Many Readings As Possible

One of the important strategies to become a novelist is to read a lot. The thing that affects your writing skills apart from practice is reading level. People who like to read certainly have a broader perspective. This insight is not only in the form of new information but also points of view, ways of thinking, vocabulary, and so on.

One of the benefits of reading a lot is that you can learn a variety of styles from the writers. A famous book author usually has a distinctive writing style that distinguishes him from other writers. The abundance of reading references is a way of writing books that will open your eyes to different styles of writing.

Reading various novels will not only enrich your writing angle but will also expand your imagination.

Unleash Creativity and Imagination

Fiction books written by novelists certainly contain imaginative stories. Novelists generally have a high level of imagination in looking at things. This is what makes them able to produce interesting stories from various points of view. One way to become a novelist is to stimulate your imagination.

There are many things that can be done to increase the power of imagination. For example, reading various books, watching movies, listening to other people’s stories, listening to music, and taking walks. Try to see things from different points of view. This is a way of becoming a novelist that can improve your imagination skills.

Take Time to Write Novels

How to become a professional and productive novelist must also always take the time to write. Take at least 2 or 3 hours to focus on your writing. Although it seems that the time provided is not long, but if it is done optimally it will give satisfactory results.

But there’s nothing wrong with providing only 1 hour. It’s better to keep writing for a limited time than to wait a long time to get a long free time. Postponing writing in addition to slowing down work also has the potential to hinder the creative process. The way to become a novelist is to always write consistently.

Taking special time to write regularly is a way to quickly publish a novel. The more often you write, the faster the story will be completed. But you also need to pay attention to the right time to sit down and focus on writing. Know your effective hours so that the time provided is not wasted.

One person’s effective hours are not necessarily the same as others. There are writers who are comfortable and can pour out their ideas with enthusiasm at night. But there are also those who prefer to write in the morning. Writing habits are also different, some enjoy drinking coffee, listening to musical instruments, and so on.…

6 Artists Who Are Also Book Writers


6 Artists Who Are Also Book Writers – This writing activity, which often takes time and thought, is not only occupied by those who have a lot of free time. Artists or celebrities who are usually busy, in fact many have published books. Some even have published more than one book. Who are you?

Pramoedya Ananta Toer once said “A person may be as intelligent as the sky, but as long as he does not write, he will be lost in society and from history.” Once the legendary who gave birth to his work while in prison on Buru Island assessed writing activities. “Writing is work to eternity.” This last sentence should be an invitation for you to start writing too.


1. Who would have thought that the “Oneng” actor in Bajaj Bajuri had already published many books. One of them is a collection of Poetry Reflections on the Closet

If you’re a 90’s kid, you should be familiar with the name Oneng. Yes, this Bajaj Bajuri serial player whose real name is Rieke Diah Pitaloka turns out to be besides a movie star and once a member of the Indonesian Parliament, he is also a good writer. His books have been published quite a lot. Starting from, The Closet Reflection(2001), State Violence Contagious to Society(2004), Oops!(2005), Banality of Violence: Hannah Arendt Thought Review (2010), Saripah Oath (2011). The majority of Rieke’s books discuss portraits of pain, pride in love, wishful thinking and political inevitability. Hey, you just found out that the actor Oneng is good at writing books that seem “heavy”.

2. The famous presenter Tamara Geraldine is also good at writing books. One of them contains an anti-drug campaign

“You know I have reasons for cheating, don’t you, honey?” arguably one of the titles of Tamara Geraldine’s successful books. It’s not short, but it makes you curious, yes, the title. Through this book, Tamara proves that she is not just an artist who writes. The stories in this collection of short stories tell about the complexity of love in a husband and wife relationship, which is conveyed in a straightforward manner without losing its sometimes sad sense of humor.

In 2018, Tamara even republished her book, entitled ‘Drums (Not Drugs) Generation’. The cool thing is, as many as 30,000 copies of the first printing of this book were distributed free of charge to elementary school children on several islands in Indonesia, as a debriefing for children to dare to say no to drugs.

3. Apart from being good at film and theater, Happy Salma has also successfully written the book Just Batu and Knives Batu

In 2010 Happy Salma won the Citra trophy in the Best Supporting Actor category at FFI for the film 7 Hati 7 Cinta 7 Wanita. This proves his ability in the world of acting is unquestionable. In addition, she is also active in the theater world and has played as Nyai Ontosoroh in the phenomenal theatrical performance, Bunga Tutup Abad. In the world of writing? Happy Salma is also good at writing and has published a book. One of his famous books is ‘Only a Stone and a Stone Knives’ which he co-authored with Pidi Baiq

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4. Not only loves adventure, Nadine Chandrawinata also likes to write about her experiences so that it becomes a book called Nadrenaline

If you think that most people on vacation only document their fun through photos or videos, you should read Nadine Chandrawinata’s book. The artist who is also a former Miss Indonesia wrote her unique experiences during her vacation trip into a book entitled “Nadrenaline”. Like the experience when he couldn’t take a shower for a week on his way to Mount Everest. Survive during a big storm in Wakatobi with GPS off. Or sleeping in Kolkata Station on the dirty tiled floor where many mosquitoes pass through. Knowing that Nadine has a lot of work to do, you wouldn’t expect her to still have time to write a book. You can also make a travel diary for every vacation.

5. Not only looks and good at acting, Ethan Hawke proves his writing skills through a book called “Ash Wednesday”

Hawke’s first writing career began with the novel The Hottest State. Six years after Ash Wednesday was published, Hawke’s writing style is still relaxed. Apart from being an actor in the film Before Sunrise, now you can also introduce Hawke as a writer. Because as a writer he has also published Manhattan Story, William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Chelsea Walls which was released in 2002 with Jeff Tweedy, Mark Webber, Robert Sean Leonard, and Tuesday Weld.

6. Did you know that Madonna has written a book for children, you know!

Although famous for her wild style, it turns out that Madonna has more attention to the world of children. He proved that by releasing five children’s books in one package called Madonna: Five Books for Children. The package contained the book The English Roses, Mr. Peabody’s Apples, Yakov and the Seven Thieves, The Adventures of Abdi, and Lotsa de Casha. The books have cute illustrations by Jeffrey Fulvimari. In order to maintain her “wild side”, apart from children’s books, it turns out that Madonna also writes adult books. Among them are entitled Se-x and The Girlie Show.

7. After struggling in the film world, Tom Hanks, a typewriter collector, finally publishes a book too

Tom Hanks, who is famous for his roles in various films, finally tried writing as well. As a collector of more than 150 typewriters, it’s no wonder that Tom Hanks ended up writing a book. “Uncommon Type” is the first book published by Penguin Random House. This book contains 17 short stories that tell a variety of themes, from the story of immigrants from Eastern Europe who arrived in New York to women who manage life after a divorce. It seems interesting, here, “read” Tom Hanks play through his book. You interested?…

A fantasy novel with unique writing characteristics by Stephen King


A fantasy novel with unique writing characteristics by Stephen King – Stephen King has published more than 50 works. Every time a new book is published, it is almost always a bestseller. His books have been translated into various languages. As of 2013, his works have sold over 350 million copies worldwide. A career as a writer for more than 45 years, Stephen King has published books under other names. He used the name Richard Bachman to publish four of his books: Rage (1977), The Long Walk (1979), Roadwork (1981), The Running Man (1982), and Thinner (1984). The use of pen names or “alias” names was done by King because he felt that at that time, one would not want to buy or read more than one book a year written by the same author.

1.SALEM’S LOT (1975)

The second book published by Stephen King, and is also one of the most popular because the story is different from other novels. The novel received nominations from The World Fantasy Award for best novel in 1976 and The Locus Award for best fantasy novel of all time in 1987. This 439 page thick novel tells about a vampire who terrorizes a village. Ben Mears, a writer, came to a place called Jerusalem’s Lot in search of inspiration for his latest novel. There he befriends a teacher Matt Burke and has a relationship with local woman Susan Norton. He also began writing his latest novel by looking for inspiration from his native village.

Until he found an old house that gave him a bad experience as a child. The house had long been neglected and uninhabited because it was bought by an immigrant. A series of strange events began to occur starting with the disappearance of a child named Ralphie Glick who turned out to be the first vampire and spread it to the surrounding population.

2. THE SHINING (1977)

Tells the story of a family consisting of a father, mother, and a child. The father’s name is Jack Torrance, mother Wendy Torrance, and son Danny Torrance. They visited the Overlook hotel because their father got a new job there. This hotel turned out to be no ordinary hotel. A hotel that has its own story from the past. When the weather is cold and snowing, the family stays there temporarily.

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Strange things begin to happen due to supernatural powers that can influence humans to do evil. Danny the son is the one who is possessed until he can see the past of this old hotel. As time goes by, Jack begins to be influenced and endangers his wife and children because he tries to kill them both. Meanwhile the other occupants also looked not like ordinary humans. The novel was made into a film in 1980 and was starred by Jack Nicholson. Followed by a sequel film in 2019 with the title Doctor Sleep.

3. PET SEMATARY (1983)

Horror novel with a very good story and has been included in The New York Times Bestseller. First published in 1983, Pet Sematary has been named one of the most successful horror novels in the world. Stephen King himself continues to consider this novel to be one of the scariest. One of the quotes in the book Pet Sematary is quite terrible. “Sometimes, Louis, dead is better.”

Pet Sematary tells the story of a land that is a cemetery for animals. The land is across the road which is often passed by large trucks. The sad thing is that the animals buried in the Pet Sematary are animals that died when they were hit by a truck. This mass burial is known to be mysterious and magical which is said to be able to give life again after death. Narrated a family Creed, consisting of Dr. Louis Creed, his wife Rachel and 2 children recently moved near the cemetery. At first they ignored and did not care about the mysterious stories of the cemetery. Until one day their pet cat was hit by a truck to death, and was buried in the so-called mysterious place. Since then strange things have happened.

One day the pet came home healthy without the slightest injury. But something was different with their cat this time, followed by evil curses every time the grave gave life. The novel was made into a 2019 film of the same name and was directed by Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer. Stephen King’s book is considered very scary. The horror and sadness in this book had made Stephen King reluctant to publish the book after he wrote it. But it was finally released in 1983 for business reasons. Therefore, after its release, there was no promotion for the novel. Until finally the book was released, Stephen King could not believe his book was selling well in the market.

4. MISERY (1987)

The story is about a writer named Paul Sheldon who had an accident while driving a car to return to his home in New York City. Due to very bad weather accompanied by a storm, the car went off the track and hit a person who made him unconscious. A nurse named Annie Wilkes found her and took her home for treatment.

The story sounds normal, but it’s not. It turned out that the nurse was a rabid fan of the novelist, and it could even be said that she was too adoring to the point of being too overbearing and tending to be “creepy”. The core of this novel tells of the writer’s misery while being cared for by a mad nurse, with an exciting and tense storyline.

5. IT (1986)

legendary released in 1986. Tells about a clown named Pennywise who terrorizes a city called Derry once every 27 years. It was made into a film in 2017 then a sequel in 2019 with the same title, namely IT (2017) and IT Chapter 2(2019). Both are equally good but not as detailed as the novel story.

IT 2017 is a horror film with the highest grossing 700 Million USD, beating other horror films such as The Conjuring Universe. There are many differences between films and novels, one of which is that some scenes were not included in the film because they were perhaps too vulgar.

In the novel, the story is more in-depth and detailed because the novel is over 1200 pages thick. Each character is described in such a way that it is so detailed that we feel like we are entering the world of IT. Among Stephen King fans who are called Constant Readers, it is customary to recommend this novel as the most must-read list before starting to enter the horror world of this legendary author.


Leo Tolstoy’s Best Classic Novels You Must Read

Leo Tolstoy's Best Classic Novels You Must Read

Leo Tolstoy’s Best Classic Novels You Must Read – Besides Fyodor Dostoyevsky who wrote classic novels, Leo Tolstoy is also one of the classic novelists who is quite popular with several classic novels that evoke soul.

Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy, better known as the Russian writer of the 19th century. Leo Tolstoy is considered by many to be one of the greatest novelists of all time. She has spawned many epic novels describing the Russian society in which she grew up to non-fiction books about the spiritual crisis and its rise.

Leo Tolstoy's Best Classic Novels You Must Read

His works have always been favored by various generations, not only because of the interesting plot but also the inner depictions of the characters that he creates are so detailed and clear that they are even historical depictions of his country. Of his many works, here are five of his best books that you really deserve to read.

1. Anna Karenina (1887)

Considered the greatest work ever written according to both top writer and layman, Anna Karenina is an 1877 masterpiece that paints a vivid picture of contemporary Russian society.

This novel tells the story of the eponymous Russian woman who, initially trapped by social conventions, then dares to leave a loveless marriage for the sake of forbidden love and face tragic consequences.

Another Russian literary giant, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, describes Anna Karenina as “the perfect work of art,” so if you’re just starting out with one Tolstoy novel, this might be the novel.

2.War and Peace (1869)

This novel is Tolstoy’s second most influential work in world literature. Tolstoy, who came from an old Russian aristocratic family, had a special interest in studying and criticizing the social structures of his time. The story of War and Peace, which took place between 1805 and 1812, is basically the story of five noble families before Napoleon’s French invasion of Russia.

As a veteran of the Crimean War, Tolstoy did not agree with the historical narrative of the events. The plot and interactions between the five families are at the heart of the novel. This novel is remarkable for its epic scale and is heavily influenced by the battle scenes in Victor Hugo’s other classic Les Misérables.

3.The Death of Ivan Ilyich (1886)

The novel addresses the sensitive themes of death and dying, as the high court judge and protagonist Ilyich is faced with his inevitable death in pre-revolution Russia. This book is considered relevant as a study of Tolstoy’s influence on religious and philosophical issues.

Written at a time of deep spiritual crisis in Tolstoy’s personal life, The Death of Ivan Ilyich is the artistic culmination of a nine-year professional break following the publication of Anna Karenina. His religious and philosophical views in this novel were considered to be extreme which led to his excommunication from the Russian Orthodox Church.

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4.A Confession (1882)

By the time of his 50th birthday, Tolstoy had become the author of the novel that was very well known as one of the giants of Russian literature, however, on a personal level, he was experiencing a deep moral and spiritual crisis. He was even on the verge of committing suicide, but later he committed himself to finding “the meaning of life” by reading major religious texts.

A Confession is a very honest story about a difficult time and tells of its journey from a deep moral crisis to the spiritual awakening Tolstoy felt.

5. Resurrection (1899)

This is Tolstoy’s last work before his death in 1910. It tells the story of a noble’s attempt to atone for sins in his youth inflicted on a peasant girl who ends up being a prisoner in Siberia.

An intimate psychological tale of guilt, anger, forgiveness, and resurrection at the same time is a panoramic picture of social life in Russia in the late nineteenth century, reflecting the author’s anger at the social injustice in the world in which he lived.…

Classical Novels by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Classical Novels by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Classical Novels by Fyodor Dostoyevsky – Fyodor Dostoyevsky is one of the most popular novelists who came from Russia, most of the novels written by Fyodor Dostoyevsky are classics.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821-1881) is one of the most influential writers in Russia. The many hardships and tragedies in his life later reflected and inspired his work, helping him to create memorable characters that would later shape the image of 19th century Russia.

Classical Novels by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

In each of his novels, Dostoyevsky often depicts the life of the marginalized, forgotten, alienated, but actually represents the lives of the majority of people. They are the backbone of a country, and deeply understand life. So, here are five recommendations for Dostoyevsky’s best novels that deserve to be included in your booklist.

1.Crime and Punishment (1866)

The best way to get to know Dostoyevsky is by reading his most phenomenal novel Crime and Punishment. The story of a poor man who commits a crime to survive, but then deals with a bigger struggle than poverty – extreme guilt.

Along the way, readers will be confronted with all kinds of pathetic and despised human beings who inhabit the streets of St. Petersburg. But behind it all they are human beings who have a sense of humanity. This psychological novel allows us to understand the other side of people who have been thrown and alienated by life.

2.The Idiot (1868)

If you feel like the world is filled with ugliness, then it’s time to read The Idiot. The main character, Prince Myshkin, is one of the gentlest and kindest characters, but is trapped in a world of judgmental and cunning imperfect people. He recently returned after undergoing treatment at a Swiss mental hospital.

But her involvement in shameful forbidden love and persecution by those around her brought her back to where she was once cared for – a mental institution. In the end, however, Myshkin’s honesty, kindness, and integrity proved unequal to the moral emptiness of those around him.

3.Poor Folk (1846)

This epistolary novel was written as an exchange of letters between two poor people in St Petersburg – the old Makar Devushkin and his lover, Varvara Dobroselova. Although ironic in tone, this work is an important social novel that speaks for less fortunate people.

Devushkin’s love for his distant cousin Varvara leads him to continue looking for money to help support her, hoping to one day marry her. But despite her hopes, her parents disapproved of her and a richer man proposed to her, so Varvara was faced with a choice many young women used to face.

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4.Demons (1871)

Demons is one of Dostoyevsky’s most politicized works. Inspired by the true story of the political assassination that horrified Russia in 1869. The plot is based on the story of the murder of a student named Ivan Ivanov, who was allegedly committed by members of revolutionary circles.

The novel is a reflection of a radical movement growing among intellectuals and the early signs of terrorism. This work is a reflection of Dostoyevsky’s thinking about the part of society protesting at his time and perhaps also a reflection on his participation in the circle of free thought.

5. The Gambler (1866)

This novel has an ironic story behind it, as Dostoyevsky previously lost a lot of money. The commission for this work came after Dostoyevsky lost a large sum of money that was not only his, but also his friend’s due to gambling. Due to heavy debt, the author made a contract to complete the work of The Gambler in a very short time.

This short novel tells the story of Alexey Ivanovitch, a young teacher who works at the home of a proud Russian general. Alexey then tries to break through the walls of the established order in Russia, but ends up mired in endless gambling and losses. His intense addiction was further exacerbated by his affair with the General’s violent nephew, Polina.…